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[Smiling Dog/Doggos Doujins]Fairy Hunting Chp.1

Lucy Heartfillia’s “Fairy Tail”, sometimes isn’t aware of her most powerful weapon. It is the weapon, instead of following a man on her heels, allows her to effortlessly draw him away. Her big tits, sweet booty are her weapon! Is this only possible by making parodies of the tale by the hentai? It works in this story and we’d love to read it in color!

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[Cresxart] Thunder Thrust [Eng]

It’s a time for guys only and if you’re into full colored hentai parodies which mostly focus on yaoi sex , you definitely should check this one out! You don’t have to know the story or the relationships of Laxus Dreyar (main characters in anime series Fairy Tail), but you can enjoy the moments they are extremely close. enjoying getting to know one the other. Enjoy!

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Ero Costume play Vol. 31

Do you agree? Can Erza Scarlet get great sex without taking off her bikini and swimming suit? It’s possible! This hentai-themed comic will show you step-by-step the ways Erza can be touched, groped or squeezed.

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Witch Bitch Collection Vol. 1 (Fairy Tail) [English]

Lucy Heartfillia never had small bumps, but her tits grew bigger in this story! To match her assets the actress will wear a cow-themed swimsuit in a bikini. A girl in a bikini who is dressed as the sexy cow! don’t have to say any more details about Lucy next, since this comic is a satire of the hentai.

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Pixie Bitch (FAIRY TAIL) [Russian] [Jiyuu Hentai] [Decensored]

A full color (!) parody comics which will delight all adult fans of “Fairy Tail” seriesin common and the fans of character of Lucy Heartfillia in particular more than happy because today Lucy will perform an extremely special performance in a crowded arena! You must be at least 18 to see it because it’s focused on fucking competitions that are hardcore.

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